Zombie Survival MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Zombie Survival is a challenging shooter where you have to travel the world destroyed by a destructive zombie apocalypse using an effective arsenal of weapons.

The game of Zombie Survival is very similar to other amazing titles of the genre, such as The House of the Dead series. The main difference is that this time the first-person view is replaced by a third-person perspective that provides more visibility when confronting your enemies.

Your hero automatically advances more than a hundred levels included in the title. Your role is simply to target the numerous zombies that fill your screen by pulling your finger in the desired direction. Use the buttons on the right side of the interface to shoot, reload, or change weapons.

Each level you successfully complete rewards you with coins and upgrade materials. After collecting enough of them, you can invest these elements to unlock new weapons or upgrade existing ones.

Zombie Survival also includes a simple but fun management system where you have to manage your shelter. If you play your cards correctly, the various buildings in your base offer you incredible improvements that are important when you want to go through the most difficult parameters.