Zoemob Family Locator 4.75 – Download for Android APK Free

They say that family is really important. Knowing the whereabouts of your children, parents, or siblings gives you comfort. And this program can help a lot in this sense. What is included when you download the APK and how does it work?

You will always know where your loved ones are

Zoemob Family Locator a family accommodation service This allows you to know the location of all members of your family in real time. It works via GPS of your mobile phones and has a number of interesting features.

To get started, it shows you the location of your family members on the map. You can also refer to the history of their locations.

Check the current location of all family members immediately.

Zoemob Family Locator sends you automatic alerts when your children come to school or leave school (or at home) and when traveling in a vehicle exceeding the speed limit (for example, a car or a school bus). And it even has an instant messaging service and a schedule with the most important family events.

In short, this software provides is an excellent family aid tool which fits in the palm of your hand and helps you live more peacefully and safely. As long as the GPS of your phones is active, ie.