Zen Match v352 Free Mod APK Download for Android. MOD Info: Unlimited Coins

Zen Match MOD APK is a custom compatibility 3 game. Not because of the game, but also because of the part it gives both when playing and after the mobile screen is turned off.

Give information about Zen Match

Inspire your daily life through the Zen world.

Relax and play a game, what do you say to combine the two?

There are many ways to clear your mind. Some read books, some listen to music, some meditate, and for me I play games. Have you ever wondered if there is a program that combines games and meditation? If you have asked such questions, Zen Match is your answer.

Everyone needs a quiet place during the day to concentrate and calm down, to arouse emotions, to relieve anxiety and to gather energy to look forward to the new day. Then you will immediately sit down and think about meditation. Then meditations will distract you from the negative energy that is constantly flowing in you, will force you to focus on gaining positive energy and feel the lightness of the music. However, if meditating while sitting seems too boring, try Zen Match, this program will help you to meditate and play games at the same time.

Zen Match is the 3rd matching game with a classic style of play: delete them by combining the same symbols and colors in rows and columns, and draw more and more dominoes with rows and columns. Victory is when you destroy many colors, blocks to a certain level in accordance with the rules of each level.

In Zen Match, Match-3 has a completely different nuance

First, Zen Match’s background design, color, and matching-3 space are designed in a relaxing meditative style. Clear blue sky, delicate golden autumn leaves, rustling rivers on the slope of the mountain, stretching giant rice fields … In this background you will hear delicate melodic music, delicate pepper sound, rustling water, soothing wind. . How much fatigue has come that will disappear at any moment.

Depending on the style of the background image, the color blocks in each scene also change accordingly. For example, in the background of an autumn scene, the blocks that need to be aligned with each other will have the shape of a yellow leaf, the shape of a favorite round pumpkin. As for the spring scene, the blocks will be colored flowers. Your task is to match the blocks with the same picture. The feeling you feel when you look at the sweet, small and attractive pictures will once again allow you to fall into the comforting space of subtle emotions.

But your brain doesn’t sleep. Because combining a meditation space with a match-3 game is both easy and difficult. Thus, your mind will be in the center of attention, both relaxed and moderately difficult. It moves, but at a slow pace, as if you are walking slowly on the beach. This type of exercise is very good for your brain health and is also good for your tired body after a day of work.

Match-3 is just the beginning of the game. As the game progresses and progresses to increasing problem levels, you will gradually accumulate different room collections, picture frames, tiles, wood colors, windows, doors, wall backgrounds … All of which will become key ingredients for you to continue. through an equally interesting problem: to redesign the room in the style of meditation.

This part of interior design will be a time when all your senses are awakened, aesthetically pleasing and a lot of positive energy is concentrated. Leave your soul in cheerful color changes while manually changing the color borders, small doors in a beautiful little room, and finally wear a new, minimalist, ethereal and poetic shirt. You will also see your spirit renewed. The flow of emotions gently radiates heat to the heart and mind.

Not just a matching-3 and smooth colored background

Zen Match brings you hundreds of special puzzles every day, such as the problem of growing indoor plants or finding contact with beautiful natural conditions … These daily mini-games will drag you to a little more different little corners every day, discovering more endless creativity. opportunities.

MOD APK version of Zen Match

MOD feature

Unlimited coins

Download Zen Match APK and MOD for Android

If you are looking for a special, completely new, light, inspiring game, Zen Match is the best choice for you. And if you want to nurture this feeling for a long time and relax after all the worries, let go of the game and play softly for 15-20 minutes every day, you will feel very soft and relaxed and will have positive energy all day.