Wild Hunting: Sports Hunting Games MOD APK 1.460 (Equipment) Android


Wild Hunting

Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Game 3D is the world’s most realistic hunting simulator and the best free hunting experience in 3D.

It’s time to collect your hunting tools, load your weapons, sharpen your senses and watch the wild animals in real hunting grounds.

Are you ready for the ultimate hunting experience?
Interested in visiting new and amazing hunting grounds and shooting real wildlife?
Do you dream of trying different hunting game modes: free hunting, hunting competitions, hunting campaigns?
Want to compete with other real hunters, shooters, riflemen in a mode like PvP?
Are you trying to learn how to fill a gun, a shotgun, a bow rifle, a bow or rifle upgrade, how to shoot a duck, a wolf, a grizzly bear, a deer, a hunter game?

There are many hunting games, but the 2017 hunting game and the number 1 simulator is Wild Hunting!

The most realistic hunting game available
Hunt deer or other game: grizzly bears, wolves, ducks and more wild animals
Go hunting in the woods, mountains, forests, savannas
Visit hunting areas in Africa, Europe, Australia, America or Asia
Become the No. 1 WILD HUNTER in 2017!

Wild Hunt is a hunting simulator that reflects all the best aspects of hunting – shooting, excitement, sports. So get your hunting weapons and let’s hunt!

Race now! Hunting Tournaments and Championships
Climb to the board of leaders and become the best hunter in the world! Wild Hunt is the only hunting game that has hunting tournament championships. Improve your hunting skills while challenging other hunters in our PvP mode and proving that you are a master of deer hunting!

Real Places – Real Animals

Travel to various real hunting grounds on all continents and hunt real animals that naturally interfere with those areas. Hunt deer, foxes or bears in Yellowstone Park, USA, chase rhinos in the Nile, Egypt, trap walruses in the Arctic Ocean, Russia, target dingoes in the Australian desert, and more! Take a hunting trip to the most exotic places from your mobile device.

Choose your weapon

Take aim and shoot with one of our highest level professional hunting weapons. Choose between shotguns, shotguns, or show your archery skills with a hunting bow and upgrade your weapon on a regular basis. Whether you’re a classic bow and arrow enthusiast or a firearm enthusiast, Wild Hunt has the right weapon for you, like a hunting glove!

Stimulation of 3D Graphics

Wild Hunt’s captivating 3D graphics set it apart from all other combat shooting games. Discover the hunted animal through the binoculars of the weapon, take aim and pull the trigger carefully! Watch the bullet fly slowly, tear through the bushes and hit the target – Bullseye!

Become a HUNTER … Wild Hunting is a sport hunting game full of social action with stunning graphics based on real hunting locations around the world. Become the best hunter – Go out into the great open air, choose your weapon, take aim and shoot! Shoot and win the hunting championship!
Wild Hunt hunting game developed by talented creators of Let’s Fish – №1 fishing program!


Don’t let this be a wild gas chase and check out Wild Hunt’s new fixes.


Unlimited Equipment

Wild Hunt Apk