Wild Castle TD v1.9.3 MOD APK (Menu/Max MP/God mode ) Download

Here you will find a completely new castle defense experience with all the wonderful features Wild Castle TD. You will see more interesting mechanics and defend your territory against attacks by enemies and cartridges. In addition, the power you have will be developed depending on your desires, and all of them will form a strong defense against the enemy.


Players will own a castle in Wild Castle TD, one of the three main protagonists, but unfortunately this castle is always attacked by monster enemies. Thus, you will try to protect it by building more troops to destroy the enemies that may come your way. In addition, it has some other features compared to other castle defense games that you can quickly recognize on some levels. You have yourself, three main heroes, a castle at the bottom of the screen, and enemies will move from top to bottom. At the same time, you will have the choice to build new buildings or collect more heroes, but this will require a certain amount of money and you will not be able to do it at the beginning of the game. Therefore, in order to earn the level, you will focus on improving the existing units and passive skills in the talent section.
Wild Castle TD: Enlarge the Empire Tower Defense in 2021


Heroes are the first force you gain when you experience this game. After completing a wave, you will be given two special options. For example, in the second wave you will get Castle upgrades or additional Sagittarius. In the first upgrade, you’ll see the castle’s stats increase, which helps you survive longer against enemy attacks. At the same time, Sagittarius will be an additional force to help you attack enemies from a long distance. Each wave in Wild Castle TD has a certain amount of enemies, and you will see a white bar indicating that this wave is over. This means that when the white stick disappears, gradually stronger enemies will appear. So, in this game you will face stronger enemies and you will lose all your health and be defeated with only 3-4 attacks. You will try to find ways to stop the enemy from advancing in different ways. The heroes will launch a continuous attack to stop the enemy from advancing towards your castle. Also, in some cases, when the bar on them is full, you can see that each character’s skills are ready. But there is still a factor to consider: what the castle can provide. You need to know the value of each hero when using your skills to make the right decisions in battle.

Wild Castle TD: Enlarge the Empire Tower Defense in 2021 Wild Castle TD: Enlarge the Empire Tower Defense in 2021


As you kill more and more enemies in Wild Castle TD, you will gain some experience, and this will continue to increase until the level rises. The advantage when you upgrade is that you will get a skill point with new boxes to build buildings or add heroes. In other words, it is necessary to increase the level and it is open on the game screen when you defeat many different enemies. In addition, when you get skill points, choose your skills correctly. On the right side of the screen you will see a purple bowl with some signals to improve your skills in the Talents section. There will be many skills you can improve in this section, and it affects many aspects of fighting an enemy, such as power, increasing the money you earn, or sometimes gaining more experience.


In Wild Castle TD, you should pay attention to two resources, which are stones and gold coins that you can get after each different battle. Also, by choosing two options after each match, you will be able to improve the element many times. In other words, if you have money left, you can continue to climb the element you need, such as adding more arrows to the castle to destroy enemies. You have a rest period to prepare the necessary upgrades before starting the next wave.

Wild Castle TD: Enlarge the Empire Tower Defense in 2021 Wild Castle TD: Enlarge the Empire Tower Defense in 2021

Another factor that interests you is the strength of the heroes you can use. Specifically, you will use the money to increase their power, and it costs a certain amount of gold. In addition, the gems will be used to introduce the heroes to a new arm of their class. This game has many heroes with different arms that you have to take care of and improve depending on your needs.