We’re Impostors 1.5.0 – Download for Android APK Free

The chubby rogues from Innersloth’s hit game embark on a new adventure in this action-packed game. puzzles, logic and betrayal. But to win, the crooks will have to work together.

Work as a team to destroy the entire crew

Downloadable APK file for We are Scammers offers fun 2D puzzle and platform game You control two rogues in our midst, one red and one blue. The goal is to work as a team to treacherously end the lives of innocent workers on board.

A fun and engaging puzzle game.

Game mechanics are quite simple. We start by controlling one of the cheaters with arrows and jump to reach and kill the crew member of the same color. by touching toggle buttonwe release one muppet time and control another.

The fun of this title is that both cheaters are forced to solve the puzzles work as a team reach platforms, avoid traps and activate mechanisms. Also, as you progress, you can customize rogues with different skins and weapons.

Your mission is to kill the enemy, rescue your comrades in the organization and return home safely.

The result is this delightful game An addictive game that will especially appeal to fans of Among Us. Moreover, it has a sense of humor which is very entertaining.