Weed Inc v3.2.68 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download for Android

Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon is a loose control game with new unique features. You will own a farm that grows cannabis and makes a lot of money for medical purposes. Collect and upgrade your favorite cannabis plants, such as Sour Diesel, Grand Daddy Purple and Trainwreck, to grow your farm. Every stage of production, from the cultivation room, processing room and shop window construction, is at your disposal to involve other enterprises in the purchase.


There are many new and special events for you to join and experience. Event ratings have been updated and are waiting for you; Join many events to win attractive prizes from Weed Inc. In addition, the game has an instant regen function that allows you to skip replants and save yourself more time. You can improve your product range to make more money. Take part in new activities, such as planting alien plants and enduring their occupation or relaxing on the beaches.


As mentioned above, you will play the role of a boss and run a mystery factory and its preparations. To prepare quality cannabis products, you need to follow the following process: their cultivation, collection, processing and distribution. Initially, you sell your products only to customers who come to the factory. However, because everyone’s needs are different, you need to optimize production to be able to create the right products. Once you have established prestige and profit at Weed Inc., you need to expand your business to be able to work with other secret distribution companies around the world.


Cultivation, harvesting and production of marijuana will be carried out with modern machines, but you also need to hire workers to manage and manage these stages. When you start playing Weed Inc., you will have to do everything yourself, but when you make a significant profit, you will need to hire good employees to increase production efficiency.

There are critical positions in your business, such as a combine harvester, salesperson, and general manager, each of whom will do different things to help your business grow. You can judge employees by their performance, the better the employee; there will be more salaries. You will have a vacancy with these employees, so improve and hire the best employees to work for your company.


Initially, the business will be located in San Francisco. However, you can expand your business in various locations across the country, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver and New York City. You are an ambitious boss, so you want to turn your manufacturing plant into the most prominent location with many different headquarters and attract more marijuana-loving customers. In order for your company to grow more and more, you need to manage and improve machines to shorten the production process and create products faster.


The characters in the game are simply made in the style of a charming cartoon; machines and equipment, objects are also detailed and sharp. In addition, each employee will have their own clothes to suit their work situation, as well as to look good. The sound of the game is a factor that attracts players with its beautiful but simple background music, which makes players pay more attention to Weed Inc.