Virtual Tiger Family Simulator MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Virtual Tiger Family Simulator is a virtual simulator where players can experience what it’s like to create and raise a family of tigers.

The gameplay in Virtual Tiger Family Simulator is as follows: through a series of objectives that appear at the beginning of each level, you must help your tiger grow and level up so that he can face the challenges of living in the wild. Your first few tasks will be to go out and hunt for some food. You’ll start with small prey like a rabbit or a goat, but the difficulty will slowly increase and you’ll soon have to go after predators that can defend yourself. Your goal will then be to find another tiger to bond with and try to start a family with him while improving your predator hunting skills.

Additionally, as you play your way through the game, you’ll unlock new vistas for your activities. You’ll also unlock upgrades for your tiger and even be able to customize its appearance.

Virtual Tiger Family Simulator is a fun game where players can put themselves in the tiger’s lane and have fun chasing down defenseless predators.