Vegas Crime Simulator v5.2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Score/VIP) Download

Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money / Score / VIP) takes you to the hell of cold-blooded criminals. In a tough life, the weapon system is easy to control.

Because the GTA world is viral among gamers, this kind of underground world content has been well received by many gamers. Many different game makers create imitations. Nevertheless, they are still interested in the gaming community. Vegas Crime Simulator is a crime game that depicts the problematic world of Vegas. You can come here and enjoy the fascinating content mixed with the undoubted violence of this game genre.

Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money / Account / VIP) Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money / Account / VIP)

GTA version you never knew

As mentioned above, Vegas Crime Simulator is just an imitation. But do not be in a hurry to criticize this world. In this game, the world is clearly designed. It gives you a sense of belonging, but also creates a lot of new experiences. The player will soon discover that the main character of the game is not as he usually manages.

The characters in the game will create a completely new design. This person gives you very gloomy feelings. In addition, no matter how much money you have later, do not hesitate to buy unique clothes for your character. First, it just gives you familiar feelings; Gradually, as you get used to this style of play, everything will change.
Everything is at the maximum level for mobile devices.

While participating in the game, players will experience everything in an unusual way. You can control your character to move on the wide map. He will fight and take part in very intense battles. With such complexity of the game, but the smoothness of the game can not be underestimated. The character can use many different weapons. They have unique effects on enemies and will also show new types of interactions. If you’re using the latest gaming devices, Vegas Crime Simulator runs smoother than older GTA versions played on PC. Of course, comparing with the new versions is definitely a loss.

Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money / Account / VIP) Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money / Account / VIP)

Convenience Controller

Vegas Crime Simulator works on mobile devices, so it is provided with a unique controller. In fact, today’s players are very familiar with this type of controller. They are MFi controllers that mimic the work of consoles. However, they are optimized for touch screens of modern mobile devices.

On the left side of the screen will be a 4-sided joystick that allows players to move freely on the map. On the right is a giant virtual button that can be turned into different types depending on the type of weapon you use. In addition, you can quickly run, jump and change weapons based on the function keys scattered on the screen. At the top you can also track the map and your current location.

Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money / Account / VIP) Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money / Account / VIP)

It is not easy to live in this world

In the upper right corner of the screen is the main type of indicator that players should pay attention to. There is HP, endurance and number of stars. If you expend all your energy, you will not be able to continue the fight. It will heal naturally during your fight. HP is more important. If you run out of it, it will definitely die and have to start all over again. Stars are the player’s crime level in this world. The more stars you have, the stronger you will be.

Every time you commit a crime, you will encounter the police: the more serious your crime, the more professional the police force. In the worst case scenario, he will have to face the FBI. If you are not equipped with the most powerful weapons in this case, you will definitely be arrested. Getting caught in this game was like losing.

Unique weapons and robotic systems

Unlike GTA, Vegas Crime Simulator allows players to use a variety of fantasy weapons. If you are lucky, you can find a robot to attack the city and control it. I think I will become Optimus Prime. Or sometimes the player will steal a tank and become invincible. There are also unique weapons such as grenades, 6-barrel machine guns or katana … With any weapon you have to use it skillfully. Everyone considers him a real mafia. In the game, there will be special tasks to watch and get rewards quickly. But if you have free time and want to send a message to the city in chaos, you can do it.