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Download your YouTube videos for free with Tubemate!

Although social networks such as Facebook or Instagram face platforms such as TikTok or Kwai APK, there is hardly a platform that can compete with YouTube. While streaming platforms like Netflix specialize in series and movies, YouTube is the only major platform that favors the democratization of online video content, and as a result, Google can do whatever it wants with it without fear of its competitors. .

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This starts to saturate YouTube a bit with ads, and unpopular decisions are made, such as removing “Dislikes” from videos. If you want to use your YouTube videos without ads in this way, you should use alternative apps like Savefrom APK or the new Tubemate app that we present to you today. Thanks to this program, you will be able to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos without encountering any ads and without connecting to the Internet!

What is Tubemate? – Download Tubemate APK for free

This is a program designed to connect to YouTube servers and offer to download their videos for free. It allows you to save any YouTube video you are interested in to your device to watch later without an internet connection, and the best part is that it works with videos of any extension, so you will definitely be able to download even full movies. this program.

But to enjoy videos ad-free, you won’t even need to download them, because Tubemate lets you watch your favorite YouTube content from within the app itself, just like the YouTube app itself. This way, you’ll be able to browse your YouTube feed as you always do, without worrying about the ads that tend to saturate the platform when using its official app.

Choose the resolution of your videos! – Tubemate APK Android

When you download your videos, you’ll be able to choose the resolution you want to save them in, as YouTube processes each video at different resolutions as soon as it’s uploaded to its platform. That’s why you’ll be able to choose smaller resolutions like 360p if you only need to play it on a device with a small screen, but you’ll also be able to choose the best 4k resolution to enjoy your content in the best possible quality. .

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This app is independent from YouTube but still a completely safe app to download your favorite videos. YouTube won’t detect that you’re using another app to watch your videos, because it will simply interpret that you’re accessing them from a browser. That’s why Tubemate is one of the best apps to download YouTube videos and watch them without ads!

Features – Tubemate Pro APK latest version

  • Video downloader for YouTube. Tubemate is one of the most complete YouTube video downloaders you’ll find in 2022, and it will let you download any video you’re interested in to watch it offline.
  • Compatible with videos of any size. With this app you will be able to download videos of any size, you can choose and even download long movies and documentaries with Tubemate.
  • Select your preferred resolution. It also allows you to choose the resolution of the videos you want to download, so you’ll have the option of downloading videos with the best 4k resolution or very low resolution (and smaller sizes).
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  • Enjoy your videos without ads. In addition, this app can be used like the YouTube app itself, so you can browse and watch your videos like you always do, only this time without ads.

Free Download Tubemate APK Latest Version for Android

Enjoy YouTube like never before with Tubemate, the ultimate app to download your favorite videos to watch offline or use in your video editing projects!

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