Town Rush MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Town Rush is a highly addictive strategy game where your goal is to control the entire board before your opponent. For this you have to develop the best possible strategy and manage the enemy attacks as best as you can, conquer towers to expand your territories and not lose lands.

The gameplay in Town Rush is very simple: at the beginning of each level, you will see your own blue tower and other enemy towers with their own colors. In the middle of the screen are gray areas that you can conquer to increase your power and start building troops in your army before others. Earning a soldier will cost you gold, which you can collect over time. Each soldier you place on the board will break one of the tower bases, so to completely conquer an area, you need to destroy it before you can build a tower of your color.

To win the game, you need to make sure that your enemies don’t control your surroundings, otherwise it will be very difficult to win back the level. Each tower under your control will automatically give you money and help you put more soldiers on the board than other players. While sometimes it is a good idea to send your troops into battle, other times it will be wise to wait and fight a large army. Do not miss the movements of your enemies and rule the land with the best strategy.

Download Town Rush and test your strategic ability to defeat enemies regardless of the type of board you are facing. Send your troops into battle and win all the towers you can to continue your mission to conquer all the places around you. What level can you reach? Challenge yourself in this fun adventure and destroy as many enemies as you can.