The Catapult 2 APK v6.4.0 (MOD Unlimited Money) –

Catapult 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a mobile game of the tower defense genre. The game was released by BYV Publishing. The Ninja, Archers, The Spearman and more.

The Catapult 2 – the best random games with a stickman duelist! Our random game for two players and a single player. We’ve created a new random game where you can throw stones and cannonballs to protect your castle from other stickman fighters. Join the new stickman battle of the random game and show them what you get!
If you are interested in casual games, throwing games, castle defense games, then The Catapult 2 is definitely for you! Expect lots of tough battles with pirate sticks and grow your castle to have the best defense against your enemies in our random game. You can play this random game alone or with your friends if you like random games for 2 players.
Your mighty stickman warriors can be equipped with spears, cannons and more interesting weapons, which will make your stickman army the strongest among the lands in our random games. Speaking of vast lands, in this random game you will discover new ones and face unique challenges in the process! Fight on snowy hills, take your stickman fight to flowering fields, or crush enemies among falling leaves. Catapult 2 is one of the best casual games on the market with many new things to discover for every player.
The Catapult 2 – the best random games for two players and single player. Your stickman cannon shooter will have a chance to fight 180 levels of artillery, siege towers and giant battle mechanisms in these random games.
Protect your tower from archers and catapults of different sizes and strengths. Enemies will mercilessly throw stones and arrows at you! They will try to crush the rest! Improve your weapons, catapults, crossbows, arrows and become a hero in stickman games and war! Casual games like this are the best way to keep your mind busy and entertained as you plan your next epic ball shoot in our casual game!

There are many things that random games like this have to offer. Improve and grow your mighty fortress! You can upgrade your towers by adding slots with archers or cannons that will do more damage to enemies. Don’t be an empty stickman, fight for your honor in our random game!
This random game has very simple and intuitive controls. Tap the screen, pull to fill the catapult, and adjust the power. Leave it to attack the enemy suddenly, win stickman games and fight like a hero in our random game!
You can also play this random game in multiplayer mode to enjoy it not only with yourself, but also with your friends and family. Now you can play offline with other players and win PvP battles!
If you enjoy casual games, be sure to try The Catapult 2 and share it with your friends for more stickman fighting fun! Win random games and share your success with everyone!
Have a good game in our casual game!