The Academy: The First Riddle MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Academy: The First Puzzle is an adventure and puzzle game that puts you in control of Sam, a young student who has just arrived at the Academy. This place is a legendary school that always attracts the most active and brilliant minds, but hides many dark secrets.

Academy: The First Puzzle’s control system is perfectly suited for touchscreens. You can move your character with your left thumb and control the camera with your right thumb. Plus, you can tap anywhere on the screen to move or interact with other characters. If you double-tap anywhere in the setting, your character runs.

In Academy: The First Puzzle, you must face over 200 different puzzles, each different from the last and usually with different mechanics. The variety of puzzles is great, so you can enjoy a new experience every time you encounter them. All these puzzles are also perfectly connected to the story of the game, which you will slowly discover.

Academy: The First Puzzle is the first episode of this exciting puzzle adventure. The game also has a nice visual section which is as good as other titles for PC and consoles.