Textra SMS RPO v4.50 b44590 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

SMS text will be the perfect program for your basic needs. This is a specially enhanced SMS messaging program with many nice features to support your communication with your friends, relatives or partners. All features in the application are free and you can use them simply and smoothly.


For earlier updated versions of the program, Textra SMS was the perfect messaging device with special features. In addition, the system received sincere suggestions from users that the application can copy messages from the chat bubble. From there, they can easily redirect their key messages wherever they want without mentioning them. After receiving requests, the application gave users the latest update as soon as possible, along with the issues resolved. In this updated version of the application, the program added a requirement to copy messages from the chat bubble. Please try to launch the application and try this unique feature! In addition, some system errors that users sometimes encounter have been fixed in detail in this update.


One of the complaints that users often get before downloading the program is that it is very tedious to expose the phone to local messaging. Thus, the problem will be solved quickly and easily when users start using this program. The application has been very user friendly while adding more than 180 different themes specially designed in different styles. With this feature, you will find an application design that suits you, regardless of your personality and style. With each design, you will also feel the changes from the inside of the core to the outside of the shape. Everything the app wants to convey to users, such as chat bubbles, the color of the app’s icon, … will also change according to your preferences.


The application not only provides you with a messaging program that can change many different designs, but also gives users many other interesting features. The first thing that can be noted is definitely the chat bubble on the screen of the mobile device. This seems to be a design that brings a lot of comfort to users. Instead of accessing the phone’s message section, messages will now be reported more actively. In addition, the way users respond to messages will be simpler than usual.

In addition, the ability to change the light and dark interface in the application is a very useful feature. Because, according to research, users will have to constantly use the phone in many different lighting conditions. Thus, having a light / dark background change feature of the application will be an excellent feature to adapt the application to the requirements of the environment. It will be very difficult to find a new SMS messaging application and replace the original SMS messenger, which is very boring. But Textra SMS will be the answer you absolutely deserve. The application can meet the needs of users, for example: the design of the application interface, convenient chat bubbles, light and dark mode on and off, … and many other intelligent support functions.