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TerraGenesis (Unlimited Money, Unlock All Planets) It is a simulation game where you can use science and technology to nourish the atmosphere by creating life for the planets in the solar system. From there, people can live on other planets and use resources.

This is an ambitious project of the company Bending point publisher We controlled a kingdom in the game Clash of Clans, but have you ever considered controlling a planet?

Humans have long dreamed of conquering other planets in the universe. Is there a planet where we can live like Earth? Is there life in the universe? Can humans live on another planet in the future? Many questions arise, but we still do not have a satisfactory answer. Forget it! Discover some planets with me in this game.

After opening the game, TerraGenesis gives you tips and suggestions to create a planet that suits your needs. If you do not know what terrafation means, you can understand that it is a process of improving and changing the natural conditions that make the planet suitable for humans. First, there are four optional planets for you, including Mars, Venus, the Moon, and Ragnarok. I choose Mars because it is the most easily renewed planet, suitable for new players. In fact, scientists believe that Mars is also the planet with the most ecological conditions on Earth. If you are a player who loves challenges, other options can be more difficult.


Basically, the game TerraGenesis It consists of three main parts: construction, operation and research. No matter which planet you use, you need to pay attention to water, oxygen, life, pressure, temperature and biomass. These indicators determine whether your planet is suitable for life. If that’s not enough, your inhabitants can’t live, and of course you can’t use the resources on that planet.

Mars is a vast and airless desert, Venus has an atmosphere thicker than sea level, and it is warm enough to melt lead-like metals. Improving these planets is not something you can complete in an hour. It takes a heartfelt effort to spend a week or a month to successfully update the relief of the planet. Moreover, the relief of the planet is not cheap. If you want a stable area, it costs several million gold. If you don’t do it well, it can completely destroy the ecosystem and kill the people who live there.

Once you have successfully upgraded your planet and have a large population, start exploring new technologies. Technology will help you use the planet’s resources, but be careful, because sometimes it has a negative impact on the planet’s ecosystem. Carbon is the cheapest and easiest to use element. You can use your technology to find or create more expensive elements such as rhodium or diamonds.

Graphics and sound

graphics TerraGenesis There’s nothing too special to talk about, but overall, it’s pretty well done. The game has good image quality and physical rules similar to reality. Often, like a NASA satellite, you can watch your barren planet slowly rotate. The music is also simple and a bit dull.


Of course. Like the earth, the first living things were bacteria. You can release many species of bacteria on the planet, waiting for them to multiply over time, and you will have an ecosystem of species such as reptiles, herbivores, aquatic animals, predators,… and finally humanity. Although you are like God, who decides life and death for creatures, but be careful. If you take one species out of the ecosystem, other animals can be affected as well, and this can lead to the destruction of all organisms. Find out carefully what you intend to do.


In general, I think TerraGenesis is an excellent simulation game suitable for players interested in the theme of the universe. It is not possible for everyone to renew and build an ecosystem on a dead planet, but it is possible in this game. If you have good tips or something you want to share, leave a comment at the bottom of this article!


Not only an excellent mobile simulation game, but also TerraGenesis it is also an extensive knowledge base for those interested and interested in the universe and related knowledge. Open the archive, you can search for the information or documents you want. Since you are responsible for the entire planet, take the time to learn new knowledge and then apply it to your planet.