TEPPEN APK is a very attractive card game from GungHoOnlineEntertainment. The game is a combination of card game and fighting game. In the game you will be the commander of the famous superheroes Devil May Cry. Street Fight, Resident Evil and many Capcom characters.


Story line

The game is about eight Capcom heroes who are bound to their destiny and fight the devil’s land to find the truth. The journey of the heroes goes through the creative stories that unite the Capcom universe. It brings a lot of surprises to players with a new and interesting story line. And through the game, you can better understand the universe of Capcom.


TEPPEN’s rules are also extremely simple and clear. Each player can play up to 3 cards and use one additional support card. Sequential cards will fight each other based on attack power and the amount of HP shown on the card. The game has some similarities Clash Royale. When you use a card, it will consume energy depending on the card. And energy will be restored over time, so you need to use your energy wisely.

Of course, your character also has a certain amount of HP when your defense is no longer a card that can attack directly, and the amount of health you lose corresponds to the attack power of the card. Each character also has a special ability to help you overcome your enemies.


TEPPEN matches are at a fast pace to be able to take part in the fight to take their lives anywhere, anytime. You will be caught in crazy battles and will have to use your strategy to win.

There are many modes to choose from in the game. You can play solo player mode or in other words story mode, you will play the plot of each hero to explore the universe of superheroes. In addition, you can also play ranking, the rating will be updated monthly to be able to see your rating. In addition, enter the training mode so that you can try new tactics and become the best player.

Fight Capcom characters

You can create your own card deck with any character you like. You can stand side by side with the familiar superheroes of Capcom. Meet the characters who have been with us for decades. Fight them and protect the universe from evil.

The superheroes available at TEPPEN are extremely diverse. Start with a Street Fighter game with Chun-Li and Ryu, X from Megaman, or Dante from the popular Devil May Cry game series. There are many other heroes in the Capcom universe. Some heroes will be added after a few upcoming updates.

To play your favorite character’s story mode, you must first unlock it. Unlock each character and experience each of their stories in sequence. There is no shortcut at all.


As for the graphics, TEPPEN has beautiful and eye-catching 3D graphics. The superheroes are beautifully and skillfully portrayed. You will encounter extremely realistic graphics, down to every detail that other games do not match. The game not only gives you the impression of superhero stories, but also gives you the best experience.

Download TEPPEN APK for Android

TEPPEN is truly an amazing game with the high level graphics brought to us by GungHoOnlineEntertainment. The game has just been released, but has attracted millions of players. This publisher does not focus mainly on Android and iOS operating systems, but the games they produce are extremely high quality.

You can download this game via the link at the bottom of the article I have already submitted. Hurry up to join the Capcom universe and don’t miss the exciting stories of superheroes or high-level matches with people from all over the world. If you like this game, don’t forget to leave comments and comments or any questions at the bottom of the article.