Tasty Chef MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Delicious Chef is a fantastic time management game that encourages you to make delicious pancakes for your very impatient customers. This game turns you into a hard-working chef, so it’s up to you to keep up with every new order.

Your specialty is pancakes: chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries and all kinds of rich ingredients. That is why your dough is very successful and many people want to try it. The downside is that you work alone, so you have to be very efficient in the kitchen and know how to work under pressure.

You will have to prepare what each customer wants and without delay. Otherwise, they will begin to lose patience. Be careful with the cooking time, if the pancakes burn, you will have to throw them in the trash and spend money and time. Also, hurry to get money from your customers, or it will disappear.

At first you will have a few utensils and ingredients to make your pancakes, but as you complete the different levels you will earn coins. You can use your earnings to buy more dishes. For example, more plates, more mixers or more glasses.

The priority in this game is to be fast, to serve your customers as soon as possible and to satisfy them. Do you dare to live the difficult life of a chef? Play and have fun with the delicious chef without limits.