Talking Dog Bella MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Talking Dog is a virtual pet app like Bella, Talking Tom Cat and others, where you can watch Bella, a sweet little talking dog, and have fun together. Play with him, talk to him, listen to him repeat what he said, and so on. In short, you can have fun with your new pet at any time.

You can perform many different activities at Talking Dog Bella. If Bella is tired, you can put her to bed and let her sleep for a while; if he is polluted from the garden, you can give him a good bath; If he is hungry, you can give him any food. You can even play musical instruments or listen to it loading different expressions. There are dozens of additional interactive activities.

In addition to all these activities, Talking Dog Bella also has a good handful of mini-games to play and win various prizes. With these prizes, you can personalize Bella’s house and even buy her clothes and accessories. Plus, because Bella is an amazing gardener, you can help her look after the vegetable patch. The best thing is that you can make more money by selling all the vegetables you grow in your garden.

Talking Dog Bella is a program that is very entertaining, especially for young children, thanks to the variety of situations you can find. Virtual pets have never been so much fun!