Survival Island APK v3.4.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Coins) –

For some reason, you crawled on a deserted island. The game begins when you realize that you have to find a way to live here. You will have to find food, build a house or gather resources, and prepare all the necessary tools, vehicles and weapons. Whatever you do, in the end it’s all about living.

While playing, you can go anywhere and explore the vast environment around you. Feel free to collect the necessary tools and prepare them yourself. As your skill level increases over time, you can create many advanced technologies, even different vehicles to move back and forth, and move more easily on the island.


If this were the case in real life, what would you do first? Probably, as in the game, we have to gather resources, collect firewood and stones, because all this is basic. You will need them to build houses, make things, make basic weapons, and generate electricity. Home is a place to create security, shelter from the sun and rain, and things. Weapons are used for hunting, self-defense and fishing. The tools are to find food, grow crops, farm, and store water.

The quality of life is gradually improving. You, too, are accustomed to the idea of ​​living and existing here as a permanent place of residence. This idea helps you gradually change your motto of life, actively working to survive, adapt, improve your life and do more to capture everything on an empty island. You start thinking about more complex things, such as generating electricity, putting everything together to create a complete farm, building a house to specialize in making tools. Then improve the production of special vehicles for a comfortable walk on the island.

Try to live the life of a man who fell on a deserted island …
You will have to look for food, build a house, collect things for life and make crafts. Your only goal is to survive!

Ocean House:
– Discover complete freedom, a huge island;
– Build your own house;
– Prepare items and weapons to hunt and survive on the island;
– Advanced player skills system;
– Different types of transport.
Quick tips:
– Initially, wood and stone mines;
– Use it to build things to build a house, weapons for hunting animals, fishing tools, water extraction, electricity and many other things;
– Find some food or set up your own farm.