Survival in Rome for Android APK

Gladiators: Survival in Rome – An adventure role-playing game to survive in the vastness of ancient Rome. According to the plot of the game, you have to do everything to escape from Caesar’s army and survive in the forests of Europe. You will find numerous missions and auxiliary missions, vast spaces and fantastic creatures. It is necessary to liberate the tribe, explore barbaric lands and help rebuild destroyed cities. Gather resources and create weapons, armor and useful items that will help you destroy the enemy one after another. You will not be alone, thousands of former legionnaires walk with you in the woods. You can work together with your friends to survive, destroy enemies and take part in battles in arenas. Become the best gladiator and conquer Rome.

There is complete freedom of movement in the game, you can do everything from endless walks, gathering resources and bloody massacres. Your character can not only cut down trees and stones, but also collect crops, make tools, weapons and explore large areas. In addition to the rich gameplay, the game can delight you with hand-created three-dimensional models, beautiful animations and sound effects tested by world-famous composers.