Super Animal Royale 0.58.0 for Android

Super Animal Royale is an action and adventure game where you play as an animal fighting to become the last animal. As with any other battle grand piano, when you encounter your enemies, you must remove them from the race.

From the main menu, you can select the animal you want to play with. There is also a badge to select your arsenal before entering the game. After that, you will be ready to swim and fight on the island with your umbrella.

Run to the ground to avoid being hit by your opponents’ bullets. Use the virtual D-pad to explore the map by running in the desired direction. With the buttons on the right side of the screen, you can select a target, fire and reload your ammunition, or take special actions when the situation requires it.

You can also break open boxes to collect new items and keep them in your bag for later use. You will find increasingly powerful weapons that will help you destroy your enemies faster.

Super Animal Royale has excellent graphics and fun game, which will surely immerse you in this universe full of animals. Select the animal you want, then explore the map to see what it takes to be the last on foot.