Sunless City MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Turn a ruined city into a noisy metropolis in the Sunless City click game. Add colorful buildings and lights to create a beautiful night city!

Sunless City’s game is pretty typical for an empty game. Tap the screen to let the stars fall from the sky and gain energy, which you can use to slowly rebuild the city, which in turn allows you to gain more energy. Continue to gain energy to demolish old buildings, open new ones and even discover new technology.

Although Sunless City is a click game, it has some strategy games. For example, players can unlock buildings and place them on the map by hand and build the city as they wish, but it is best to consider the interaction of different buildings when designing a city.

Overall, Sunless City is an interesting click with excellent graphics, and more games than just touching the screen, because it has a deeper gaming experience than most clicks.