Subscribe To My Adventure 2.3.10 for Android

Subscribing to My Adventure is a unique RPG game where you play the role of a “streamer” and try to gain popularity and subscribers with your adventures. Your goal: to be the most influential person in the kingdom and garner tons of likes in each of your posts.

In Subscribe To My Adventure, the game is incredibly original, the whole game develops within an interface that is halfway between Instagram and Twitch. From this program, you can see the posts of other users, talk to different characters, personalize your hero and, of course, broadcast your adventures live. These live broadcasts will help you move forward in the story.

Although you’ll see the most action during the stream, because you can fight different monsters (which your subscribers will love), the really fun part in Subscribe to My Adventure comes later. Throughout the game, you can discover and connect with tons of different characters in the program through personal messages. In the same way, in many cases you can see and react to the writings of other characters related to your activities.

Subscribe To My Adventure is an outstanding game that combines two different concepts in a truly original way, such as RPGs and social networks. In addition, the game touches on the most interesting current issues, such as echo cameras or the beehive mentality that often forms on social media. And it does it all with beautiful graphics.