Stunt Car Extreme for Android

Stunt Car Extreme is a 3D driving game where you get behind the wheel of a powerful car and try to pull off all kinds of impossible stunts. Jump off a moving train, spin in the air, race up hellishly steep ramps, dodge wrecking balls, and much more.

Controls in Stunt Car Extreme are simple and well-adapted to smartphones. You can find the acceleration and brake pedals on the right side of the screen, whereas on the left, there are buttons for leaning forward and backward. Nothing too out of the ordinary. These controls will be familiar and intuitive for anyone who has played a game like this before.

Stunt Car Extreme has tons of different circuits, each of which you’ll want to complete well enough to earn three stars. To do so, you’ll have to collect all the stars scattered on the track. You can also discover hidden keys typically found in extremely dangerous places designed to put your skills to the test.

With the coins and gems that you earn when you beat levels, you can improve your car. There are all kinds of engines, spoilers, paint, and tires at your disposal, so you can customize your car however you like.

Stunt Car Extreme is an absolutely spectacular driving game in every way, including the fact that it has countless levels and excellent graphics. It’s also a lot of fun to play, and you can even compare your times and scores with other players online.