Stumble Guys 0.33 – Download for Android APK Free

Fall Guys video game has many fans multiplayer mini games. Following classic titles like Mario Party, these games invite players to compete with other players in various skill and movement tests. However, if you don’t have the money to buy the original Fall Guys, Kitka Games research helps with a very similar game, it’s just free.

Multiplayer games for up to 32 players

Stumble Guys is a real time multiplayer king of war An action game where players face each other in an entertaining competition of 32 players. This is one of the best Fall Guys clones you can find for free for mobile devices.

Face a series of ridiculous challenges and strange obstacles, crush your opponents and if you are determined to win, overcome everything!

All you need to play is to join the game or create a personal game. Then, a random test will begin. They all bear a dubious resemblance to the mythical TV show Takeshi Castle.

Each game consists of three tests in which some players will be successful and others will be eliminated. Basically, you have to overcome obstacles of the course and reach the finish line before the rest of the players. You already know that the experience will not be easy, but you will smile more than once.

The only thing you need to play is a virtual joystick to move on stage and a jump button. With this button you can slide even when we are in the air.

This title is also included many avatars that you can unlock and win while you play … if you can pass the first one, that is! If you want to test, go ahead, download the free APK file and start playing!