Strimmer Master 1.0.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Cut the grass can really satisfy. This game from Dual Cat combines classic obstacle races and brings the experience to our mobile phones. The result is very simple, but very addictive.

Versatile multi-use strimmer

Strimmer Master is one obstacle course game With minimalist 3D graphics, it is equipped with a cutter to mow the grass as our character progresses. The mission is over, and the tool will be the key.

It’s very easy to play because we move automatically. Our task is to move the character side by side to avoid traps, collect items and cut grass. The more grass we cut, the wider the range of the trimmer. This is very important, because at certain points on the road The machine will also play the role of a kind of propeller to help us fly.

Satisfactory cutting mechanics, many levels and surprises to discover!

As for the rest, downloading the APK file gives us a very simple game that gives up any big claims and is distinguished by its features. satisfactory mechanics and simple, straightforward controls. So, this may not be the best game so far, but it is enough to spend a comfortable and fun time without any hassle.