Stick Fight v1.73 MOD APK (God mode/Unlocked item )

Stickman games are simple and attractive that any player will love it all day long. The proof is that stickman games on all platforms, from PC to Android or iOS, especially the Stick Fight: The Game series with more than 10 million installations on each platform, have the highest number of players. And Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior is the last fighting game in the series, now it’s back with something new. Released by Homecooked, Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior allows players to download absolutely free, want to know why you should play this game?

In Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior, you will have to control a stickman who fights both old and new enemies to win the Shadow Warrior title. I do not know what this man did, but there are those who hate him so much that they want to destroy him? Well, I’m not very interested, just know that the stickman’s journey will be very difficult, do you want to help him?


When I try it out, I find this game relatively simple, a bit confusing, but interesting. The game is divided into several stages, each of which is complicated by the tasks outlined in each stage. The ultimate goal is to reach the belt after completing all the tasks assigned to each. Upon completion, you will move on to the next stage and take on new responsibilities and earn a higher level belt. All you have to do is kill all the enemies you encounter and try to win so many rewards.

It sounds simple, but it’s not easy! You cannot kill an enemy as soon as you see him. You have to pay attention to the small black spots under the enemy stickman, attack and kill him as soon as the dots turn white. If you can’t finish it while the dot is white and you let it be black, it will attack back. So be wise.

There are many different enemies you will encounter in the game. First of all, you will meet the enemy empty-handed, you will kill relatively simply. But in the next few days, they will carry dangerous weapons and it will be difficult to kill them.


The character has indicators that you can see in the parameters. Although not a PvP game, Stick Warrior still has a schedule to see your current position in the game compared to other players in the world. There is only one character in the game and you can’t change your character.

Weapons and equipment

You can’t just rely on your hands, you can have an arsenal of armor and help you reach your goal on a great journey. There are many weapons to create eye-catching and effective “hack and slash” combinations. Head Smasher, Thunder Fury and Ponchaxe are extremely dangerous weapons that you will be able to use.

However, to use them, you need to open them by winning many stages in the game. It is impossible not to use weapons to win, it is extremely important to fight fearful enemies. So keep winning the game to unlock more weapons.

Simple graphics

With just simple 2D graphics, Stick Warrior: Shadow Warrior still brings exciting experiences. However, it is labeled 12+ for its bloody, violent scenes. You need to think ahead and avoid playing this game.


After all, Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior The mobile game is quite attractive and simple. The combat system is fierce, the arsenal is so impressive that you can immerse yourself in it. So, if you like what Stick War: Shadow Warrior has to offer, you can try it out by downloading it for free from Google Play or the App Store. If you want, you can also download the Mod APK version, in this mode I have unlimited money.