STEPN 0.6.6 – Download for Android APK Free

If you exercise or need extra motivation lead a more active life, downloading the APK file of this program is a great way to do this. This platform gives us rewards for walking, running or jogging. But how does it work and what rewards does it offer?

“Paying” program for walking

STEPN It is Web3 a sports program with social elements and exciting games. The idea is for users to wear NFT in the form of sneakers so that they can get tokens and cryptocurrencies (especially GST or Green Satoshi Tokens) when they run or go for a walk outdoors.

This is a Play (or win) to win is a platform that invites us to live a more active life and move more. In this way, it tracks users’ movements via the smartphone’s GPS, recording our activities in detail (including maps, average speed, number of steps, time and distance traveled) to present relevant rewards.

GST and NFT will be charged from users while walking, jogging or jogging outdoors.

However, you need to buy shoes in the form of NFT, as well as an access code, as you can access the platform only by invitation. The idea is good and in fact, the company is taking investors and users by stormbut the whole metaverse thing still raises questions about sustainability.