Step Going 1.0.7 – Download for Android APK Free

It may seem nonsense, however track the number of steps The training we get every day helps us more. Thus, we will not only be more active and full of energy, but also useful for weight loss.

But how do you count your daily steps? Downloading the APK file allows us to save money on a pedometer or smart watch, because it helps to track absolutely free. How does it work?

How many steps have you taken today?

Step Going which is a very simple program pedometer functions. In other words, it calculates daily, weekly and monthly steps (of course when you have your smartphone with you).

It works very simply, because you just need to log in and start walking around with a smartphone in your pocket. The steps are saved automatically. In addition, the program offers us a number of missions to motivate us at all times.

It is useful to lose weight and lead a healthier life!

And there are many more, because there is an additional surprise inside this program. We can access it from the menu below games sectionhere we will find mini games to entertain us.

All this is presented through a clean and modern interface without any complications. Although the developers went a little further with simplicity, they also went a little further with advertising.