Standoff 2 MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Standoff 2 is a multiplayer, Counter-Strike-style FPS where two teams face off in relatively small settings. All the maps are clearly based on Counter-Strike maps like Dust 2 or Italy, but the reduced size makes the game experience more crazy.

Standoff 2’s control system is very well adapted to touchscreens, with a virtual d-pad on the left side of the screen and a weapon crosshair on the right. By default, your weapon’s fire button appears on both sides of the screen, making it more convenient for you to navigate.

Standoff 2’s main game mode is Deathmatch, where two teams compete against each other for five minutes. Unlike the original Counter-Strike, if you get killed, you only have to wait five seconds to respawn. In total, Standoff 2 has three game modes, each with unique features.

Standoff 2 is a really fun 3D online FPS with great graphics and lots of different weapons. The best part? All weapons are unlocked from the start, so you can find your favorite and use it right away.