Squirrel Simulator 2 1.07 – Download for Android APK Free

Who would have thought that the life of a squirrel could be so exciting? In this fun game we will be forced to turn into a hairy little squirrel survive as long as you can in the forest.

Create your own squirrel family

Squirrel Simulator 2 is one interesting simulator with realistic 3D graphics that will turn the player into a squirrel. And as in real life, our quest is to live.

We are forced to live like squirrels we meet our basic needs: to eat, drink and relax. This means that we will have to find food and keep it in our nests, find water sources, avoid conflicts with other animals, and fight predators if we have no other choice.

You can climb trees and fly from tree to tree.

But this is just the beginning. As we move forward, we will be able to find a partner Get married and have children. In addition, there are additional features such as exciting PvP battles, trophies, challenges and various kingdoms to conquer.

Thus, downloading the APK file provides us with an attractive, interesting and entertaining squirrel simulator that is easy to play thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive controls. And it even allows us to make choices different squirrels with different abilities. In short, if we like the animal world, we will love this game.