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Have fun collecting stars with Splot Alien!

Among the many random games at your fingertips on Android, there are always those that are superior to others, because they offer features that no other game has. It can be a really addictive game, with great graphics, although they just have a very charismatic hero. In any case, these games have a special place in the hearts of players and from there build a reputation that is very difficult to beat other games. This is what happened with Splot Alien!

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In the context of this game, the fame comes from its charming protagonist, a beautiful alien who finds himself trapped in an unknown world and has to repair his ship to return to his planet. To do this, you need to help him complete the repair of his ship and collect a number of materials that are important to bring him home. And the game begins here! Guide the Splot Alien through various maps to help you collect the stars and diamonds you will later use to build and repair your ship.

What is Splot Alien? – Download Splot Alien APK for Android for free

As you can imagine, this game is very casual, so you don’t have to think much about the story to play it. All you need to do is move your character between different maps to collect all the materials you need for your ship. But as always in such games, this task will not be so easy, because you will also have obstacles and various enemies that you will have to flee in the process.

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Your ability to cope with all of these challenges works here, and helps Splot Alien find the materials he needs so he can return home safely. The first few levels will be relatively easy, but as you progress through the game, you will face more challenges that will make things more and more difficult for you. Will you be ready to cope with all the challenges this game will present you?

Enjoy one of the funniest random games!

Casual games can go very well or very badly, and the truth is that this time the developers of Splot Alien were able to create a really fun game, with which everyone can spend many hours collecting the necessary materials to repair their ship. protagonist.

With 2D graphics that make it very easy to enjoy different levels, this game is suitable for players who use any Android device to play at home, especially considering that this game works even on less powerful smartphones. This is a game that you can enjoy on almost any Android device in recent years!

Features – The latest version of Splot Alien APK

  • Random game for Android. This is one of the simplest random games you can find for Android, so you will be able to spend many hours to go through its various levels.
  • Collect hundreds of stars. The main thing you need to do in this game is to collect all the stars that will appear on the map and the protagonist must be able to repair his spaceship.
sploot alien apk free download for android
  • Look for diamonds. You will also have to look for a number of diamonds that will be rarer and more difficult to find, but they are also needed to repair the ship and return the protagonist to his planet!
  • raise the level. You will be able to level up and navigate between different maps, which will become increasingly difficult until you complete the game. You will definitely play for hours and hours until you achieve this!

Download Splot Alien APK Latest Version for Android for Free

Enjoy one of the best free games for Android with Splot Alien, a game where you have to lead a beautiful alien planet in search of stars and diamonds!