Spin The Bottle MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Spin The Bottle is an app that gives you the chance to meet tons of people from all over the world. Just touch the bottle in the middle of the table to start the fun! It’s a perfect way to get to know everyone in the room and find out if someone likes you.

The gameplay in Spin The Bottle is quite simple. First, enter one of the available rooms and wait your turn to spin the bottle. When the bottle stops spinning, you can decide if you want to give the person it’s pointing a virtual kiss to. There is also a chat at the bottom of the screen where you can talk to anyone in the room.

The virtual kisses you receive from other players are added to your account. Then you can expand your ranks and prove how desirable you are. You can also send gifts or play your favorite songs and even use different bottles when opening them.

Spin The Bottle is an exciting app to meet other people virtually. Meet different people in each room until you find someone you have something in common with.