Sniper Shooting Battle 2020 11.4 for Android

Sniper Shooting Battle 2020 is an adrenaline-filled FPS that puts you in the shoes of one of the best snipers in the army. With Sniper Rifles and virtually unlimited ammunition, your goal in Sniper Shooting is to destroy anything or anyone that threatens the peace of your country.

Any experienced FPS player will find the controls in Sniper Shooting Battle relatively easy to understand because they are not so different from other similar games. Your character starts from a fixed position within the level, and you have to go to the environment to search for your target by sliding the screen. A cross-shaped button on the left side of the screen will activate the magnification of your rifle, and a bullet-shaped button on the right side.

At the beginning of each level, you will be told your mission, which can range from defending one or a group of people to fighting multiple enemies as you move away.

Although Sniper Shooting Battle doesn’t bring anything based on this already full game genre, any player who enjoys this type of game will definitely enjoy what this game has to offer.