Shopping Mall 3D 1.8.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Can you imagine managing all the shops, businesses and services in one mall? If you manage stressful situations Well and organization comes naturally to you, this dynamic casual game will be your one-time whale.

Shops and restaurants are in your hands

Shopping center 3D a time management game We will have to do some work in the mall with minimalist 3D graphics. The goal is to provide fast and efficient service to every customer.

Build the mall of your dreams and become the owner of the best mall!

We will start the adventure in a small dining room. As long as we serve food and satisfy our customers, we can save some money. This money is the key to progress, because it will allow us unlock new desks, upgrade services, and hire staff.

Once we manage to get a certain amount of money, we will be able to open other businesses, stands and services, restaurants, supermarkets, toy stores, clothing stores, etc. … Fortunately, the customers here are not as demanding as in other games in the genre, which means that we will be able to enjoy the satisfying experience it offers us.