Shadow Fight 2 v2.18.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In Shadow Warrior 2 Special Release, you will become a Shadow who was once an invincible warrior, but under the influence of his arrogance, opens the Doors of the Shadows and returns to his senses without his body. He was nothing but a shadow who needed to fight the demons.

Fight your devils

Meet dangerous enemies in Shadow Warrior 2 Special Edition, some of which are:

Lynx – the leader of the Order of the Killer, he is equipped with triangular claws. He can drop a smoke bomb, disappear and do great damage to the protagonist.

Hermit – a quiet and mysterious master of some secret arts. He can do powerful spells like a storm.

Butcher – a bloodthirsty opponent who wants nothing but to cut you to pieces with butcher knives. He uses his huge body to make special attacks. It can jump to the ground and crash into an earthquake.

Wasp – the ambitious daughter of the late pirate king. He is the master of the Japanese-style naginata, which he uses to strike accurate and critical blows against the Shadow. It can launch a pair of wings and carry out air strikes.

Widow – an attractive woman armed with a pair of fans and uses female charm to kill her enemies. The shadow seems untouched by its charm, it is still a deadly enemy. He can teleport behind his opponent and strike.

Shogun is the landlord who ruled a great empire, conquered lands and enslaved people. He is the sixth and last demon to have the seal of the Shadow Gates.

Titan is the main antagonist of the game. Can control the mind. He is so strong that almost every living thing is afraid of him. Titan is the supreme leader of the Shadow Kingdom, commanding an army of elite warriors.

Get Help from Your Friends

In Shadow Warrior 2 Special Edition, you will fight many demons on your journey. Fortunately, you will find people who will support you in this work. Your instincts will give you some wise advice, and May will help you with her experience in local weapons and armor, as well as Sly will give you secret powers. In addition, you will gain more fans as you continue the game.

Fight Your Way Out

Fight against rivals and demons to seal the Doors of Shadows. Use various weapons such as knives, swords, sticks, axes, nunchakus and more to destroy your enemies. Each weapon has its own characteristics, set of actions, skills and disadvantages. All of your enemies will be equipped with deadly weapons, so be sure to wear some protective armor, such as ropes, heavy armor, or helmets. As you advance in Shadow Fight 2, you will unlock more equipment and special techniques to kill enemies. After defeating your first bosses, you will be able to use remote weapons such as shurikens or magic skills.

Download Shadow Warrior 2 Special Edition APK for Android

Get the game now and become a martial artist beating human rivals and demons. If you like oriental themes, Shadow Warrior 2 Special Edition is for you. Don’t hesitate and try Shadow Warrior 2 Special Release.