Shadow Fight 2 MOD 2.17.0

Many games do not boast more than 100 million downloads worldwide, and this is only from Google Play. Shadow Fight 2 overcame this incredible obstacle. The game, developed by Nekki Studio, was so influential that mods were developed to change its features, and above all, unlock certain elements to make it easier for the player to advance.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD This battle and role allows players to enjoy the game and take part in real ninja and samurai battles against all kinds of enemies, demons and creatures, and gives them a boost to make the game easier.

What does the MOD include?

By downloading it Shadow Fight 2 MOD, you will be able to access the following functions:

  • Deletes the ad from the game.
  • The player will have access to endless coins.
  • All weapons are opened at level 99.
  • All game elements are at the highest level.

As you can imagine, such aids will make it easier to play at an incredible level (it makes the game so easy that you have to think about whether such a good game is worth playing this way). However, be careful, keep in mind that this is a development that is illegally classified by its creators and can therefore be banned. You choose.