Shadow Fight 2 2.17.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Shadow Fight has become an excellent saga of action fighting games that can be downloaded for incredibly free for Android and iPhone. Surprisingly, its graphics are beautiful and the plot plunges us into a story full of role-playing elements, not to mention the 2D combat modes that were so popular at the time with games like Street Fighter.

This is the second part of the series, Shadow war 2 (there are only three) and here we will continue the story that began in the first part, but with new punches, kicks, weapons, techniques and movement effects for our character.

Your mission is to close the Shadow Gate

The plot takes us back Ancient Emperor Japan, we will have to pave the way to victory kicking, punching, and jumping on anything that moves. We will have to destroy all our enemies, beat their bosses and close the Gate of Shadows so that no demons can pass.

An entertaining fighting game with stunning graphics.

between The main features of the wonderful action game for Android, we must note the following aspects:

  • An epic battle sequence with real details thanks to the animation system.
  • Fight against 2D fleas with a health stick showing the resistance of both us and our opponent.
  • Explore worlds full of dangerous and threatening demons in a battle game that combines RPG elements and an immersive plot.
  • Personalize your warrior with all kinds of weapons, shields and magical powers.
  • Fight using intuitive controls in the redesigned user interface.

Don’t hesitate to download the APK of this game to your smartphone or tablet. You can also access the special edition through in-app purchases. This is a great fighting game that you will love if you enjoy playing classics like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat in the past.

Updates to the latest version

  • A new battle has passed.
  • Save Christmas from a terrible creature.
  • Garden solutions and optimizations.