Scary Teacher 3D v5.23 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money,Energy) Download

Scary Teacher 3D will provide intense fun while being chased by a scary teacher, as always in childhood.

Games like Granny or Evil Nun are horror titles that many players have experienced and they absolutely feel the level of difficulty it can bring. Players will always find a way to discover what is in the place where they are imprisoned and escape the control of two evil characters. This style of play completely gives the impression that you will always be afraid of being chased and always motivated to achieve the goal of the game. Although it is not in the horror genre, it will be revealed when you encounter the game Scary Teacher 3D.
Scary Teacher 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Scary Teacher 3D brings you a world full of various details that everyone will be amazed by. This is the campus of a large house where you will try to explore them in order to achieve the objectives of the game. At the same time, all the elements are carefully designed and you will be completely immersed in that world when everything happens very fast and cannot stop for a second. This game will have two main characters: you and an old lady like the mentioned game. That house is where he lives. You will be able to go anywhere in the building to play the game and not get caught by him. If you look at the left corner of the screen, you will see that he is constantly on the move, so he does not waste a single moment. At the same time, a good text will appear in the middle of the screen, and ultimately this is a tool that helps you in the game.
Scary Teacher 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Like many horror games, you’ll control the character at first sight; creates a thoroughly suspicious feeling for the prospective player. You will participate in a game that you will discover and feel captivated at every moment. At the same time, with this perspective, you will be a part of the game world, and all the experiences players have are enhanced and completely engrossing.


Scary Teacher 3D brings you two characters as mentioned above. One of the reasons this game plays is because our main character is a genius student who meets a strict teacher. This teacher always brings corporal punishment and he also lives next door to the main character’s house. So the game has a purpose to make jokes and teach this character a lesson.
Scary Teacher 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)
The gameplay of this game sounds simple, but it will take a lot of time to prepare and needs special care. Specifically, you’ll enter this house to execute your scheme, and you’ll know what actions to take via the text in the middle of the screen. At the same time, these lines will give you a lot of information, such as what to do or the following actions of a woman. Once you have this information, you will eventually have a base and begin to make a plan and move into the home. It is a world where players can interact with environmental elements. So you can pick up items for your unusual game or open up some rooms or opportunities to enter. At the same time, in this game, it is inevitable not to let him catch it.
Scary Teacher 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)
You won’t need to worry about the gameplay of this game as it gives you a superficial level of training to grasp the mechanics of the game. Once they get used to it, players will enjoy the intervention screen. The player will try to do these maneuvers quickly in a nervous situation, because you don’t know what will happen and when it might appear. Therefore, it is an attractive feeling that every player can experience.


Scary Teacher 3D has lots of places to explore; There are 15 different rooms. Each room will have its own functions and things you can use to do your villainous work. At the same time, all the disturbing elements must be done in a completely special way, because they ultimately cannot be seen in front of this woman. Therefore, it is necessary to generate ideas to complete the level.
Scary Teacher 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Your goal is to mess around in this woman’s house, but she has nothing to do. You can do a lot of things similar to the emission mechanism. They will happen completely sequentially and you have to update quickly to get to the next place. At the same time, this game still has frequent updates to provide more levels for players. That’s why it’s hard to take your eyes off this game.


Scary Teacher 3D gives players a simple but no less challenging gameplay while practicing what they have to do. You will be able to explore a house with many different areas and each has its own characteristics. Necessary information is also something you can get when you experience this game. So you will have a great time enjoying the fun jokes you find.
Scary Teacher 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money)