Scary Clown Escape APK for Android

Jailbreak: Escape the Terrible Clown – This is an adventure puzzle game with a random game where you have to help an innocent stickman hero escape the trap of terrible clowns who have seized power in the world. Make important decisions and set off to free other stickmen!

Terrible clowns have taken over the world and seized power by arresting people. You have to lead the revolution and free the world from these terrible creatures, but to do that you have to get out of the prison where the clowns put you. At each stage of the game you will face a new problem and test that can be solved in one of several ways. Make your choice and move on!

Break down the wall and get out of the cage, distract the dog to avoid the attack, and neutralize the guard-fearing clowns. You will have to release other people trapped along the way. Which choice will be right? Apply your logic and try different ways until you are free.

Game features:

  • Dozens of different levels;
  • Unique challenges at each stage of the game;
  • Unexpected plot twists;
  • Original cartoon;
  • An interesting game.