Rock Identifier 2.2.18 – Download for Android APK Free

There are many plant identification programs for cell phones, but very few help analyze rocks. Fortunately, it’s there a complete and versatile tool helps you find the stones around you. Let’s see how it works and what utilities are included in the APK file download.

How do you know which stone you found

Rock Identifier is a program as its name suggests instantly identifies stones, gems, crystals and minerals. It also allows you to create a personal collection and check out an extensive rock encyclopedia.

The main tool of this application is its identifier. Just to find out what kind of stone is in front of you take a picture or find a picture is stored in the memory of your terminal.

In a few seconds the program will run its magic and show you the result. In addition, it provides an interface Detailed information about the stoneincluding properties, descriptions, and areas of the world where you can find it.

Explore the geology around you, learn about different rocks and enter the natural world!

As we said, this program has more features. The most beautiful is his extensive rock encyclopedia contains tons and tons of information. There is also an area to create a personal collection of articles, frequently asked questions, videos on how to identify rocks, and rocks. The section on birth stones, constellations and healing crystals is also interesting.