Rise of Cultures 1.21.3 for Android

Rise of Cultures is a Civilization-type strategy / management game where you can create your own empire and follow its evolution from the Bronze Age and the Industrial Revolution to the Stone Age to modern times.

Since the rise of cultures has somewhat complex mechanics, it has extensive, detailed instructions. During the textbook, you will learn how to build houses and farms for your residents, which is important for the development of your civilization. You will also learn to explore new technology, expand your territory and fight your enemies.

The Rise of Cultures technology tree is similar to the tree in the Civilization series. The goal is to spend your research points on discovering technologies that will help your empire. Some technologies, such as steel, will greatly improve your military strength, which is important for expanding your borders.

Rise of Cultures is an entertaining strategy game similar to the great 4X games like Civilization mentioned above, but with simplified features adapted for mobile devices. In addition, there is excellent graphics.