Rev Heads Rally MOD + APK (2022 Latest)

Rev Heads Rally is a crazy racing game that puts you behind the wheel of a competitive car and gives you no choice but to try your best to win. Compete in a variety of exciting races where you will face drivers who will stop at nothing to become number one.

All the cars in Rev Heads Rally can be rigged, but you’ll start your adventure with a very basic car. Note that some upgrades will give you more speed and stability, which will translate into faster races and safer cornering. However, you have to compete with tons of opponents to upgrade your car and earn money after each race.

To control your movements, you just need to touch the left or right side of the screen, as your character moves automatically without pressing the gas. However, make sure to watch out for the nitro that will activate every few seconds; tap again if you want to gain extra speed and outrun your competitors.

Without a doubt, the most fun part of Rev Heads Rally is inside the action boxes you’ll find scattered around the track. Inside each box, you’ll find extra security like items that can slow down your opponent or missiles that will destroy their cars, or a shield that can protect yours. Don’t get caught up in the price though, as your goal is to cross that finish line in the third and final round. Can you pull out your weapons at the right moment and claim victory?