Relay for Reddit Pro v10.0.6 APK (Latest , Unlocked) Download for Android

Reddit is an entertainment site, social media services, social news, and online news, where registered community members can post a variety of content, such as text posts or direct links. Users can easily access Reddit on any device and from anywhere, but today I will show you an excellent program dedicated to this Reddit. This Relay for Reddit, we can say that this program is a Reddit lite program that performs the same functions as the original version of the website. But instead of accessing it through a browser, you can now quickly access Reddit with just one click.


This program will be based on the source of information on the original page. This means that you can quickly follow what is happening on Reddit directly through this program. Clean interface, simple colors, you can easily relax while looking at the Reddit home page. The homepage will constantly update new topics for users, if you are interested in any topic, just tap it. All content will be visible to the user, and all other users’ comments on the topic will be displayed. Even users can write comments or open new topics through this program. The program will have its own text editor to give users the freedom to post their statements through a topic or comment. Easily change and edit documents with this utility. At the same time, the user can use some emoji icons when editing to make the article richer and more attractive to readers. On the main page, users can search for useful topics you have seen in the past. Subject data will be stored and downloaded via Reddit’s cloud server, so this app won’t affect the device’s memory much. Except for downloading files from the program. If you are a moderator, you can use the login function of the application, all the work function of the mode will be fully implemented directly in the application (highlighting, sticky notes, ban users, etc.).

In the search section, you can also bookmark some of the topics you want, all topics will be displayed in alphabetical order immediately, or you can search and mark the topics you like. Within this search function, you can also go to Trend, Popular, … to see the articles classified here. In addition, you can filter bookmarks you don’t like, and then Reddit will trust it and delete related posts from your homepage. The app will also have some support features, such as changing the interface as you wish, just select the wallpaper you like and then apply it in the app. There is also night mode, the application will automatically adjust the brightness to protect your eyes, you can turn off the function as you wish. If you turn on notifications for a specific topic, all comments sent to that topic will be notified to you in the same way that you follow the topic indirectly. If you are a real Reddit user, then what are you waiting for without immediately downloading Relay for Reddit on your device and start experiencing new experiences through this program.