Producer: Choose your Star 1.74 for Android

Producer: Choose Your Star is a casual game that combines virtual girl friendship games with role play. This time, the players act as agents for artists and models. Your goal: Hit one of your customers to become a star in the complex world of Hollywood.

As mentioned above, Producer: Choose your star mechanics, born from girlfriend simulators, and keep the same mechanics from other games of the same designer. So you can always see the girl you represent. During the game, you need to find a balance in the conversations that motivate him without giving him too much ego. You should also take her photo shoots, and often the photographer will go overboard. To encourage him to get the best deals, he will often send you provocative photos and praise you for making you happy.

On the other hand, you need money to improve the appearance, intelligence and housing of your model, and for this you need to go to the casino to play on the slot machine. To use the slot machine, you need renewable energy every hour. You can also spend real money to reach the economic level required to improve your young artist.

Producer: Choose the Star is a kind of girlfriend simulator in which players can experience a business relationship with some dubious power dynamics from the first hand, and a culture of objectification and rape of women is integrated into a common story.