Poinpy 1.0.4 – Download for Android APK Free

Monochromatic and pixel Downwell becomes a full-color adventure in this new version, available only to Netflix subscribers. You are ready to resist the gravity and jump?

A seductive, crazy experience with a pop twist

Poinpy is one attractive vertical back game with your favorite 2D graphics. Your goal is to help the green creature go through different stages while picking fruit to feed the insatiable blue cat that accidentally wakes up.

The controls are simple enough to play with one finger. Basically, you slide your finger on the screen adjust the jump angle and distance and launch the character like a slingshot.

The yellow balls at the beginning of the character indicate the number of jumps you can make in the same jump. Also, if you touch the screen in the middle of the jump, the character will be thrown down, crush everything in its own way.

Jump non-stop, avoid your favorite villains, and feed the blue monster on your heels.

Needed to feed the cat Collect the fruits shown at the top of the interface before time runs out. Several special abilities are also available (e.g., octave and comfortable snail clock) and three game modes: normal, riddle and endless.

In other words, downloading the APK file invites you to enjoy a lovely adventure with beautiful graphics and good gameplay made in plain tones. The best part is that the game is completely free and there are no ads, but the bad thing is that you have to be a Netflix subscriber to play.