Pocket City 1.1.360 – Download for Android APK Free

Would you like to revitalize your own city? In this city simulator from Codebew Games studio, we will increase our population as we manage resources with all our wisdom and good work as mayor. Are you up for the challenge?

Design your own pocket city

Ours Pocket city the adventure begins with the town hall. We will have a job build all kinds of buildingsroads and services to make our city bigger and better.

Build your own city as the mayor.

The more people who want to come and live in our city the more taxes we will collect, but we need to make sure there are jobs and services for everyone. Industry will not function without electricity and water, but every facility has limited space. It’s a delicate balance we must maintain for our city to thrive.

Over time, our city will generate income. We will be able to invest this money in various constructions, for example:

  • Resources.
  • Services.
  • Entertainment.
  • Roads.
  • Zones.

There are many opportunities to create, then each city will be unique. Schools, public transportation, mansions, hospitals, fire stations, parks… As the level increases, we will have access to more constructions so that our city works in harmony and our neighbors are happy.

Watch your city come to life!

In addition, there is this game full statistics and graphics here we can study the evolution of our city and analyze the most needed services in our area. This gives it a very nice realism component, complete with clean and modern graphics that are very nice.

If you like city simulators, this one offers it subtle experience. . If you also buy the full version, you will get direct access to all buildings, a larger map, more services and customizable options.