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Pocket Ants offers a fresh experience with ant-themed and tactical gameplay. Install the APK version we offer to test it now!

Give information about pocket ants

Pocket Ants is a strategy game by Ariel Software Publishing. However, instead of building an effective strategy to command an army, as in other games, you will be the manager and help the queen build a base with her subjects. The appearance of pocket ants is a bright spot in today’s saturated strategy game. With a new and attractive style of play, Pocket Ants has collected more than 1 million hits from all over the world. Currently, this game is completely free to download.

Pocket ants game

As a manager at Pocket Ants, your job is to manage your subjects to build a strong base. You need to send worker ants from the nest to gather resources and build rooms in the nest. Increase the number of soldiers and staff by raising queens. In this way you can create an army of powerful soldiers who can fight enemies and invading creatures.


Pocket ants have five main resources, including seeds, honey, food, leaves and body parts.

It will consume seeds to upgrade cameras or perform other tasks. Send working groups regularly to collect seeds outside the nest and store them in the seed store.

Pocket ants have a special aphid that you can collect honey from. After building the nest, he leads the army to capture the base of the fire ant. One trick to help you win quickly is to defeat the red ant queen first. Without a leader, an army of red ants will lose direction and lose quickly. You will then protect the aphid convoy and return them to the safety nest, then use them to create honey.

Gather food – a staple food that helps the queen survive to train soldiers and civilians. You can also use the leaves to produce food and improve many other things. Remember to install and upgrade your slave camera, as this is a place to save resources.

Defeat the creatures outside to collect more body parts and use them to improve.

Honeydew is considered a currency in Pocket Ants. You can use them to exchange things in the store. There are many types of items to choose from. For example, to reduce the time of hatching, to increase the speed of work for worker ants, to increase the chances of successful integration of organisms, …

Build an army of ants

To defeat pocket ants, you need a strong army of ants and a good fight. In addition to the creatures outside the nest, your ant army will have to deal with ant nests controlled by other players. To become a leader, first press the button in the lower left corner of the screen, other ants will follow you wherever you go.

In order to start a very simple war, just being in close contact with enemy ants will cause the two sides to start fighting each other. However, the size of your army will be limited to a certain extent. Therefore, I do not think that you should enter a large ant colony, because it will cost more soldiers. A small suggestion is that you can involve a small number of ants to separate them from the group for easy destruction.

Ants are small, but not as gentle as you might think. You can use your army to fight, capture creatures and subdue them. You can even raid other players’ bases to capture resources and bonus items.


Pocket Ants appear to be a small but extremely complex and spacious world. Not only is it fun, but this game helps us get a more intuitive and lively view of the ant’s lifestyle and activities. Although not designed with 3D graphics like other games, Pocket Ants still has the power to open up a real world of ants for you.

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Being the manager of a large ant colony is a very new and exciting experience. If you haven’t tried it before, Pocket Ants will give it to you. Download this game to build your own ant nest, then conquer other ant kingdoms to expand your territory.