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The quintessential pandemic game is here!

Discover one of the best pandemic games of recent years with Plague Inc Premium! This game was already popular before the global pandemic, but recently it has come to the fore even more. More and more people are downloading it! This is the final game to find out how the various pandemics work, what their potential scope is, and what measures we need to take to stop them. It will be very difficult for you to find a complete and well-crafted pandemic game like this!

plague inc premium apk 2022

In fact, Plague Inc. has gained a bit of an involuntary reputation in recent years, largely due to the fact that during the global pandemic, the game was censored in China and temporarily removed from the Play Store to avoid disturbing the public. But now it works 100% again and you can download it and even discover new ones to continue playing with different scenarios as usual! Want to discover everything Plague Inc. has to offer?

What is Plague Inc Premium? – Download Plague Inc Premium APK for free

This is a complete and complex pandemic simulator where you can create scenarios where different pathogens attack the world’s population and spread all over the world. The object of the game is to destroy the entire population until you are able to prevent a pandemic or develop a cure, so you must develop your pathogen by presenting various mutations while earning points.

plague inc premium apk

Some mutations will make your pathogen more lethal, but it will be easier for the authorities to detect it by trying to develop various countermeasures to stop it. So you first want to develop a low-profile pathogen that is more easily spread among the population, then add lethal traits that allow it to be damaged more quickly when it is too late to store it.

Create all kinds of pathogens! – Plague Inc Premium APK in Spanish

Plague Inc. has a variety of pathogens to try to put an end to humanity. The most popular is the virus, but you can also choose bacteria, parasites, nanobots and all sorts of different infections. Each pathogen will have different characteristics, so you need to make sure you choose the appropriate strategy for each of them. Not all strategies are valid for all pathogens!

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As a bonus, the game’s developers have introduced new scenarios where you can use other types of fun infections, such as vampire invasion, zombie attacks, mind-controlling parasites, and more. This increases your chances of having fun with different scenarios of the pandemic!

Features – Plague Inc Premium Unlock Opened APK

  • Conquer the world with a pandemic. The aim of this game is to conquer the world using various types of pandemics that can put an end to humanity. But be careful! Health authorities will do everything possible to stop you.
  • Different types of pathogens. In addition to classic viruses, you can develop a pandemic with other types of pathogens such as bacteria, parasites or even nanobots. Each has a different mechanism to win.
plague inc apk mod
  • More than 1000 scenarios. Now you have over 1000 different scenarios at Plague Inc.! In this game you will be able to discover the most incredible pandemics you have ever imagined.
  • And now with vampires. You can use your imaginary scenarios, such as vampire attacks or zombie apocalypse, as well as a whole series of mind-controlling parasites or various animal diseases.

Download Plague Inc Premium APK Mod Latest Version for Android for Free

Discover one of the funniest pandemic games with Plague Inc., the funniest pandemic game you can create all sorts of deadly pathogens!

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