Pixel Studio APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) v4.11 – APKMod.cc

Pixel Studio is a new pixel art editor for artists and game developers. Simple, fast and portable. Whether you are a beginner or a pro. Create amazing pixel art anywhere and anytime! We support layers and animations, and we have many useful tools – everything you need to create beautiful projects. Add to music export your animations and videos MP4. use it Google Drive to sync your work across different devices and even platforms. Connect Pixel Network™ – our new pixel art community! Don’t doubt, just try it and make sure you choose the best pixel art tool ever! It’s over 2,000,000 downloads worldwide, translated into 23 languages!

• It is super simple, intuitive and user friendly
• It’s cross-platform, use it on mobile and desktop with Google Drive sync
• Use layers for advanced pixel rendering
• Create frame-by-frame animations
• Save animations to GIF or sprite sheets
• Enhance animations with music and export videos to MP4 format
• Share art with friends and the Pixel Network™ community
• Create custom palettes, use internally or download palettes from Lospec
• Advanced color picker with RGBA and HSV modes
• Simple zoom and move with gestures and joysticks
• Use Portrait mode for mobile and Landscape mode for tablet and PC
• Customizable toolbar and many other settings
• We support Samsung S-Pen and Apple Pencil!
• We support all popular formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, PSP (Pixel Studio Project), ASE (Aseprite)
• Automatic save and backup – don’t lose your work!
• Discover a ton of other useful tools and features!

More features:
• Shape Tool for Primitives
• Gradient Tool
• Built-in and special brushes
• Sprite Library for your image samples
• Tile mode for brushes
• Symmetry description (X, Y, X+Y)
• Point Pen for precise drawing with cursor
• Text Tool with different fonts
• Dithering Pen for shadows and flares
• Pixel art rotation with Fast RotSprite algorithm
• Onion Skin for advanced animation
• Apply palettes to images
• Take palettes from images
• Mini-map and Pixel Perfect preview
• Unlimited canvas size
• Resize and rotate the canvas
• Customizable background color
• Customizable grid
• Multithreaded image processing
• JASC Palette (PAL) format support
• Aseprite files support (import only)

You can support us by purchasing PRO (one-time purchase):
• No ads
• Google Drive sync (cross-platform)
• Dark Theme
• 256 color palettes
• Tile mode to make flawless textures
• Extended maximum project size
• Unlimited color adjustment (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)
• Unlimited export to MP4
• Expanded storage on Pixel Network

System requirements:
• 2GB+ RAM for large projects and animations
• Powerful CPU (AnTuTu score 100,000+)

Sample images by lorddkno, Redshrike, Calciumtrice, Buch, Tomoe Mami are used under CC BY 3.0 license.